That orange ball is special.

The connection with strangers - people from completely different backgrounds; who might look different from us, speak a different language or hold completely different views - all coming together for a shared passion. For the love of a special game.

The court is where all of our differences become irrelevant. Where we build discipline, character, a love of team. Where we strive to master a craft. It’s the place where creativity and showmanship happens. Where our dreams take flight.

Dayton Street Archive is a tribute to all of the courts where our dreams and imaginations run wild. Where whatever happened elsewhere gets washed away in a game of sweat and joy. “Dayton Street” is where my obsession and awe of hoop ignited, playing night after night in the back alley of my childhood home.

For whatever reason, I always find myself captivated when I come across a basketball court. Each one with its own stories and scars. Even the courts in the most dire disrepair have their own colorful history. 

With this brand, I hope to capture the beauty of these landmarks and share them with those who appreciate the essence of the game, as well as those just being introduced to it.

I hope these photos inspire you. If nothing else, may they give you a new lens from which to perceive the vibrant communities around you.

– Cole, Founder of Dayton Street Archive