Urban basketball imagery. Captured for Dayton Street Archive. All photography displayed is completely original. High quality prints are available for purchase. For any inquiries, please visit our contact page.

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beautiful basketball hoop with trees and smooth cloudy blue sky in backgroundbeautiful basketball court with palm trees, sunsetbasketball hoop with beautiful nature in backgroundbasketball hoop with winter blue skyBasketball hoop in front of Chicago train tracks with snowvintage basketball hoop with pink sky in backgroundbasketball hoop with beautiful scenery, lake, sunset rainbow in backgroundhigh quality up close basketball hoop with worn net with blue sky and treesangels gate basketball hoop court, white skyvintage summer basketball hoop with vibrant blue skyvintage basketball hoop in schoolyard court with abstract modern background circle basketball court with trio of hoops with jungle green scenery in backgroundbeautiful outdoor basketball court in autumn fallPhotograph of dreamy basketball court with golden grass in Michiganunder basketball hoop, beautiful bright blue skyvintage urban basketball court photograph with trees and train rails in backgroundphotograph of basketball hoop on beach with smooth sky backgroundbasketball hoop photograph with sunset skybasketball hoop with vibrant spring green trees under beautiful cloudy skyPhotograph of beautiful basketball hoop in Michigan court with golden grassPhotograph of basketball hoop on the lake in Michigan with beautiful smooth sky